Manga releases in English?

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charlee  居住地: New York  投稿数: 2
Are there plans to release Kon's works in English? I have wanted to read them for a long time. I have seen an online translation of Kaikisen, but I would really prefer to purchase his novels. I do not know who else to ask..Thank you!
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DJZ    投稿数: 329
I think you gotta contact the publishing companies, unless Kon-san's family and friends want to do some sort of iPad/Kindle-type release with his manga themselves....I know it's a bit of a cop-out, but Kon-san was credited on the Marvel edition of Akira, so that's probably as good as you're gonna get for now. Personally, I'd like Dreamworks to lose the rights to Millennium Actress, so someone will re-release it with the R2 commentary.
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charlee  居住地: New York  投稿数: 2
Yea I'm gonna try to ask Kodansha as they handled the Japanese reprinting of his manga/short stories. I'll probably get some kind of generic corporate response, but it's worth a shot I guess.
I thought the only thing he did with Otomo was Magnetic Rose. Didn't know he had a hand in Akira as well.
Millennium Actress is probably my favorite film, but everything about it's release was handled terribly in the US.
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DJZ    投稿数: 329
Actually, his anime "debut" was on Roujin Z, but he's done a lot of stuff in-between it and Perfect Blue and Paprika. And yeah, I hear you on MA. It should've at *least* been nominated for Best Animated Film.
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