Maruyama-san and Kon Kyoko-san in North Carolina for anime con next month

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They'll be at Animazement for the American holiday weekend. Looking at the press release, I forgot how tall Kon Satoshi-san was in person.
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I think it'd be good PR if you set up your own Youtube channel. You could start with a recording of the panel, if you're interested. Maybe behind-the-scenes studio footage you didn't release on home video. Stuff like that. Just a suggestion.

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I really wanted to go, but had finals, so thanks for posting a recap. Twenty-five hour flight?! Wow. That must've been fun. My mother visited a friend in that state a few years back, and loved it. Surprised Kon Kyoko-san had the patience for an autograph session, though. I hope she got a lot of takers. :) But I thought Kon-san's frame was near that flower-bed, 'cus those were his favorite or something. ^^; But yeah, I really missed the blogging in general from this site, so thanks for trying to bring it back.


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Wow, I really wish I had gone to Animazement even more now, because it seems like the GOH line-ups on my coast are a tad underwhelming. Really surprised at all the younger cosplayers who seem interested in Kon-san, too, 'cus I figured they'd be more into the shonen and video game stuff than his work.
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