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Didn't know Kuriyama-san was into anime in general, actually. I've seen her in BR and Kill Asians and Steal Their Movies[I mean Kill Bill ]; but I didn't recognize her in Ju-On, because Shimizu has a really good make-up person who makes every chick hot enough to make me forget about Ringu. Speaking of "stealing", New Line was going to remake BR, but they got swallowed up by their owner, so it might be in development hell. [That, and the Hollywood version of Naoki Urasawa's Monster. I'm hoping if that happens, it'll be more faithful to the source material than "A History of Violence".]

So getting back to Kuriyama, I still need to catch Last Quarter and Azumi 2. She's also allegedly playing Ling Xiaoyu in the Hollywood Tekken, for those interested. Anyway, Kon-san, congratulations for being so recognized, since I imagined that young people are more into crap like Elfen Lied and Negima than Paranoia Agent.

Speaking of PA, I managed to google some American cosplayers of Shonen Bat after all, but couldn't find the one who was a dead ringer for the character.

Plus there's some Maromi cosplayer from Hungary,
and I think that Gus Van Sant might be a fan.
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