Junko Iwao-related Perfect Blue event 6/16 純子巌関連パーフェクトブルーイベント6月16日


なし Junko Iwao-related Perfect Blue event 6/16 純子巌関連パーフェクトブルーイベント6月16日

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Details here, courtesy of @Mikawayashin and @dre_pass.

詳細はこちら。---> http://t.co/kA88uF8

She also did work in Key the Metal Idol BME(Before Moe Era), and Devil Man Lady, the latter of which was also probably ripped off for Black Swan. j/k :) From a previous link I used in a different thread:

Junko Iwao as "Mima Kirigoe" in 'Perfect Blue' (1997)

While critics are raving this year about Natalie Portman's performance in 'Black Swan,' Satoshi Kon's anime thriller told a similar story 13 years prior. As the pop star Mima gives up the music world to pursue acting, she quickly finds herself stalked by a ominous stranger. Soon Mima begins to lose her grip on reality, unsure who to trust, and finds herself mysteriously connected to the dangers around her. Iwao's portrayal of a young woman on the verge of a breakdown was so unnervingly effective that the Academy awarded her with the Oscar, making her the first Asian woman to win the award and the first foreign-language-speaking recipient as well.



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