Interview 22

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Interview 22を更新しました。
今年の9月、イギリスの新聞「The Guardian」から『パプリカ』などに関する質問に答えたものです。
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I thought the interview was insightful.Oh, and since you were discussing the issue of responsibility in Japan, I thought you'd want to hear a comment from Inoue Takehiko
regarding the subject in the U.S. issue of Jump.

Q: In America, your basketball stars are often criticized for being selfish. Is there a similar problem in Japan? Or are Japanese athletes less egotistical and more team-oriented?

A: I get the impression that
Japanese players are lacking in ego. They tend to pass the ball around rather than shoot. This might make you think they're team-oriented, but you'll just as often see them passing the ball when they should actually be shooting. That way, they avoid becoming responsible for whether or not their team wins. I think this tendency could be improved. Maybe this is a reflection of how fuzzy the concept of responsibility can be in Japanese society.
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