Ok, Darren and FOX have really pissed me off enough to suggest


なし Ok, Darren and FOX have really pissed me off enough to suggest

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Note that no one at Kon's Tone, Madhouse or NTV endorses what I'm about to say. So I'm willing to have this post removed if it causes problems. But if anyone thinks the same way as me, I would highly suggest plastering every poster, column, and theatrical stand in Japan featuring Black Swan with posters and promotional art for Perfect Blue. Unfortunately, you don't have the convenience of a group of mangaka willing to back you up like Tezuka-san after the Lion King, so guerilla art is the only way to go. I would also suggest nothing adhesive, please.

This is your turf, and that asshole's walking through it like he doesn't owe you a thing, right after you've been through a tsunami and quake, and the loss of a beloved animator and family man. If it wasn't for Kon and your country, he'd be a nobody right now, and you know it. This isn't just about compensation and credit, but about pride and self-respect. So don't go letting yourselves get ripped off twice in less than 20 years without a fight. Not at least until these pricks do the honorable thing and give him his due. Satoshi Kon, Banzai!

Believe me, you can make them look bad. I already got one of their flunkies @foxsearclight to indirectly admit that they ripped Kon-san off. When I asked him/her to give Kon-san some credit on the Swan DVD/Blu-ray, they told me, "Dude... Let it go." They could've just kept quiet, but I finally got to them, and they slipped up. So you can do the same, too. 'Cus if you get enough attention with Haruhi dances, you can get do the same with Perfect Blue. Don't let the corporate weasels win.

これが承認されていません。しかし、誰もが同意すれば、私には、次のことをお勧め:パーフェクトブルーのチラシをプレイスすべてのポスターやスタンドにブラックスワンの. 避けて接着剤でお願いします。誰もがあなたがたわごとを与える場合,ちょうどそれがオリジナルのフィルムですそれらを教えてください。さらに、あなたは秋葉原のオタクは、実際に戻って、業界に何かを与えることになる。

From http://Woman.infoseek.co.jp:



また、肉体に異物を取り入れてメタモルフォーゼするニナの姿は、ダーレン監督の創作の原点である塚本晋也監督のカルト作「TOKYO FIST 東京フィスト」のヒロイン(藤井かほり)のイメージを、明らかに色濃く受け継いでもいるだろう。

Oh, and for the record, we did get Tokyo Fist in the U.S., too.


@minowa_ just posted a NSFW blog entry comparing the two films.

One reviewer at Cinematoday.jp apparently liked it less knowing about PB.

Similarities noted at news.walkerplus.com.

Not really fond of this hater at Yahoo.co.jp's review, but they did say some nice things about Kon-san's movie.

I mean, seriously, some of your fellow countrymen and women are on @blackswan_jp 's account and acting like Darren did all the work and came up with the ideas, because they've never seen or heard of Perfect Blue. Can you genuinely live with that?

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