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Yeah, we're also suffering from a remake with an actress too young for her role. Not sure if the original version of this one was shown in Japan, though...[The closest equivalent would be Miyazaki Lupin.]

If he's the same Abe who plays Kenshiro in Hokuto No Ken, I heard his age was the reason he was hired, because they didn't want to pay Kamiya-san more money. He actually did fine from what I've heard, but seeing his profile doesn't make me think samurai, either...

Still, I thought Asano-san would make a decent Ogami Itto, and he actually
said he'd be ok with the part, if it were ever to happen; and he's actually younger than Abe! [But he looks a lot older, doesn't he?] Aronofsky's been trying to make an American version for a while now, though.

Oh, and it's funny that even IMDB spells it out "Tsubaki", but Variety didn't. But then they're not big on spell-checking.
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