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ZYL-san(?) might want to help me out on this one.

I've complained about it before, but Kon-san never did get acknowledged by the Academy Awards and Annie Awards when he was alive. The latter is an event run by American animation guilds which votes on animation released in the U.S. Unfortunately, it tends to be rigged in favor of its own films and shows, with only Miyazaki's movies ever really getting in[Though there were exceptions, like Yoko Kanno's music getting nominated for Wolf's Rain.], because of his Disney connections. [As opposed to the Tokyo International Film Festival, which wasn't afraid to give awards to foreign animated movies.] And you're all familiar with the former organization, as Departures was apparently your country's first film to win here, since Ran just wasn't good enough. [Sarcasm.]

Anyway, from what I've gathered, Best Foreign Films have to be submitted by the country in question, so is there any way you can contact your cultural minister(?) about "leaning on" the Academy to acknowledge Kon in a future telecast, and/or for a possible Honorary Oscar, please? [Kurosawa got one of those once, too.] Also, if you are able to, could you please see if you can e-mail the Annies and Oscars to get them to consider said awards, too?
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