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Update: Don't know why it happened, but when I showed that Perfect Blue/Black Swan mash-up to Fox Searchlight(Swan's distributor) on Twitter, they actually followed me. So I took the time to Tweet them this message(minus most of the links):

Hey, Darren wasn't being cool about Satoshi Kon + PB. You know, the company which produced PB could really use his name-dropping. I mean, even Nolan-albeit indirectly-acknowledged Kon. If Swan wins an Oscar or two, the fans, Kon's family and Madhouse would really appreciate either Kon or PB being mentioned in the acceptance speech. It wasn't too tough for Marty when he remade Infernal Affairs, and he's got a longer legacy than Lau. And even Sofia Coppola got into the act with Wong Kar Wai, and I barely notice his style in Lost in Translation. I know Darren's not as "geeky" as the Wachowskis, and maybe he and Nolan don't wanna be perceived as such, which is why it might be beneath them to like "cartoons", but if Darren really did go to the trouble of getting the remake rights for PB then he obviously must have had some respect for that film which transcends its medium. You do know that Madonna also used
clips of PB in her Drowned World tour, right? I don't expect her to acknowledge Kon, 'cus she was already doing him a favor by incorporating it in her video, but Darren is just pulling that Disney Kimba/Simba denial shit right now, and I don't think it'll make him look good in the long run. At least, unlike Tarantino, he's honest about remaking an obscure Asian film, but he's still equally ungrateful.

You can also contact the company @ its site...

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