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From The Arts Desk:

There have been many sad film-related deaths this year, but the one that made me saddest was that of Satoshi Kon. The brilliant Japanese anime director of films like Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress and Paprika (pictured above) died on 24 August of pancreatic cancer at the age of 46, in his creative prime. His final blog entries are a heartbreaking record of his terminal illness, yet also offer a curiously uplifting celebration of the human spirit in the face of approaching death. "Now excuse me, I have to go."


“Con il cuore colmo di gratitudine verso tutto ciò che esiste di buono a questo mondo, ora poso la penna. Vogliate scusarmi, ora devo andare”. A due giorni dall’annuncio della morte del grande Satoshi Kon, viene pubblicata postuma sul suo blog personale una straordinaria e toccante lettera d’addio del regista.

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