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Just Kon-san before he was even working on Memories or was even a name in Japan or the U.S. Here ( )he is included among the Japanese artists for the U.S. edition of Akira published by Marvel. [Click on it to make it bigger.] It's not really common for the assistants to be mentioned in American editions of manga. [I'm not sure about how it works in Japan, but I just found out it's the same.] But Marvel wasn't a manga publisher, so I guess they thought Akira was special enough to merit the staffers' names. This is on the last U.S. volume of the manga, by the way. If I recall, this series was completed in the U.S. just after Roujin Z, but a few years before Memories.

彼はマーベルで公開されて明の米国版と日本のアーティストの中に含まれています。これは、アシスタントが漫画のアメリカ版に記載されているように、本当に共通ではない。しかし、マーベルので、私は彼らがアキラは十分なスタッフの名前に値する特別なものだったと思ったね、マンガ出版社ではなかった[私はそれが日本でどのように働くのか、それは同じだから私が発見した。わからない]が。これはある意味で漫画の最後の米ボリュームを利用しています。私が覚えている場合、このシリーズは、思い出数年前には、Roujin Zの直後に米国で完成した

Just got tweeted by @edgarwright [Director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim.] when he praised Swan and I recommended PB: 引用:
I've seen Perfect Blue, back in 1998 on the big screen.

He just messaged me when I wanted to verify his comment, and he referred to PB as "great".
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