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Note that I like Hosoda-san and Summer Wars, and thus do not agree with the actual opinion of this review. But it is interesting that it got brought up.

With that in mind, from Philadelphia Weekly:

Yes, I know: Why didn’t Tron: Legacy do this? For what it’s worth, Mamoru Hosada’s Summer Wars only passably exploits its excellent premise, a successful digital update of War Games. Noisy and often brainless when it should be brainy, it’s a poor man’s imitation of animator Satoshi Kon, whose Paprika serves as some, but not enough, visual inspiration.

Also, another Summer Wars review mentions Kon, albeit sans the trashing of SW:

I really should have known: it’s only the latest award-winning release from Madhouse, the Japanese animation studio responsible for The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (also by Hosoda) and all of Satoshi Kon’s work up until his death...

...What Summer Wars restores to the superflat aesthetic, missing in much of Murakami’s art, is that quintessential personability present in Natsuki’s family of Web 2.0 participants. In Kon’s Paprika, we saw the digital space becoming a cacophony of meaningless artifacts, but Hosoda’s Summer Wars optimistically shows us a digitization that maintains its links to the past...
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