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DJZ    投稿数: 329 recommended seeing Paprika after Inception.

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So, if anyone wants to run against the daydreaming Inception herd, here is a list of movies that are kind of similar to but ultimately better than Inception: Total Recall, Paprika, The Matrix (only the first one), A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.

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Since then I’ve seen “Inception” a second time, and I’m still not certain which reading I accept as either the best analysis or even a favorite possibility, though I’m especially down with the idea that for the part of Ariadne (Ellen Page), Nolan was as much influenced by the anime film “Paprika” as the Greek myth from which she’s named. She is quite inquisitive in a therapist sort of way.

Looks like Nolan's a manga fan, too.
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