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Not necessarily indicative of a wider spectrum, but a minor poll @ likes Paprika more.
Reviewer compares the two @

I don't endorse said Youtube Paprika/Inception mash-up comment..:

"pfff if it is really a rip off, why don't japanese sue them?. I mean again if it is really a rip off and they don't stand for their product, it either means they don't think of it as a rip off, or they just don't care (if they don't know about inception at this point they are just plain ignorant)."

From "...Nolan’s dreams are also fairly shallow in their psychology. A few years ago, there was a Japanese animated movie, Paprika, about a team of therapists who used a sci-fi technology to heal their patients by entering their dreams. Among the issues dealt with: survivor guilt, unacknowledged sexual attachment, and the difference between psychosis and neurosis. In the matter of insight, Paprika, though its heroine is a bubbly-voiced, wide-eyed teen, runs circles around Inception. And let’s not even mention Mulholland Drive.

"Nolan’s dreams more closely resemble video games. That explains, I think, the movie’s brooding over the fate of the bodies left behind by the dreamers. The movie doesn’t merely worry about the bodies left at the “top level”—the dreamers’ physical bodies. It worries about the representations of their bodies left behind on all the intermediate dream-levels. It probably doesn’t make sense, therefore, to class Inception with Paprika, Mulholland Drive, and other movies about dreams: it belongs rather with The Matrix, Existenz, and Avatar—with movies about the mind-body problem in the age of gaming. Thus the movie’s fascination with the décalage between the passage of time in reality and its passage within a dream..."
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