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I have to agree with ZYL on translation problems. It looks like you're completely ignorant about cultural context when it come to writing posts with zealousness and emotions. Machine translation is not human translation. Please take some form of Japanese lessons first before doing something.

It seems like you want Satoshi Kon to reply back to you by posting insane amount of posts which are full of your opinions and news pieces which no one cares about. So far, how many Kon fans replied back? How about the man himself? I think it's better for you to have a separate blog dedicated to Satoshi Kon and his works. I mean, Studio Ghibli fans set up blog sites dedicated to its works and creators and why can't you? So far, he only answered very few to Japanese folks who are asking advice. It's unlikely that he'll understand your posts. I know that you're overzealous fan. Just don't be ignorant. Seriously, you're like a troll to blog.

When I see DJZ's post on Kontact Board, I see nothing but your overzealous posts on anything related Satoshi Kon and his work. It feels like you're hogging
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