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By the way, Entertainment Weekly has a poll which ranks the floating corridor scene in Inception as the favorite by readers....Hope you're ok with that...

Update from via Anime Nation:

As a storywriter, [Wolf's Rain, Ergo Proxy, Bebop, Eureka 7, Freedom Project writer, Higashi no Eden writer] Sato had a big axe to grind about the place of the story in Japanese anime. He complained that his works are labeled “difficult-type” (muzukashii-kei), something like the opposite of “atmosphere type” (kuuki-kei) anime. The latter is the type where nothing happens, or there is no significant plot, narrative or development. They tend to focus on cute characters and be very popular with moe fans. Sato said guys like him get no work, even as “Hollywood rips off our ideas.”

ZYL: Feel free to translate the rest of that link, but it's a little OT.
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