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Been a bit busy.


On pense au Polanski de Répulsion et Le Locataire pour la schizophrénie ambiante ou à Satoshi Kon (que Aronofski citait déjà dans une scène de Requiem For a Dream reprise de Perfect Blue où Jennifer Connely hurle en silence dans l’eau de sa baignoire) pour la perte de repère avec la réalité.


Ces thématiques universelles sont au service d'une intrigue menée tambour battant qui multiplie rapidement les fausses pistes, payant des hommages aux opus de Michael Haneke («La pianiste»), Krzysztof Kieslowski («La double vie de Véronique») et Satoshi Kon (principalement «Perfect Blue»).


I got a chance to watch Darren Aronofsky’s latest film “Black Swan” and the entire time as I sat in the theatre absorbing the movie I couldn’t help but notice (in the back of my mind of course) to how similar (much to similar) Black Swan reminded me of Satoshi Kon’s (May he rest in peace ) film “Perfect Blue”.

After I made this connection (which If I remember correctly is not the first time that Aronofsky has taken a scene from Perfect Blue) because If I remember correctly in Aronofsky film “Requiem For A Dream” he used a scene in its exact form from Perfect Blue. The scene at hand is in Perfect Blue when Mima is in the bath tub and yells while underneath the water which was used frame per frame in Aronofsky “Requiem For A Dream”.

After finishing up all of my connection between Black Swan and Perfect Blue it was completely clear in every way that Perfect Blue had a very heavy influence in Aronofsky “Black Swan” but then again I had the exact same feeling while watching “Inception”.

When I saw Inception I was offended in every way possible because everyone on this planet called earth praised Inception for being a original masterpiece when in reality it just turned out to be a blatant rip off of Satoshi Kons “Paprika”.

The reason that I have decided to make this post is the fact that both Aronofsky and Nolan have not paid any form of homage to the late director who has heavily influenced if not should be credited for both of their most prominent works and I find that completely unfair to Kon.

Not to mention the praise that both directors get disgust me at the fact that neither one ever shows respect for the late director (especially after his death one would think they would give credit and respect to the late director) and even though Aronofsky loves to state how much he enjoys “Perfect Blue” even going as far as to purchase the rights to the film he never gave respect nor gave its proper credit for the influence that Perfect Blue has had on his career and Nolan is just a blatant rip off and should be forced to openly state that Paprika influenced the entirety of Inception(which to be honest is a blatant rip off).

All I want is for the american film industry to show respect and credit their influences because they think that Anime holds no validity nor craft but I can assure you all these little movies we all enjoy are influenced if not homage’s or blatant rip offs to the work of Satoshi Kon especially in the case of Nolan and Aronofsky.

Seems to me like 2010 has been the year to rip off Satoshi Kon which is extremely saddening as this was the year of his death which may have been bad timing but I feel it only decent for both directors to show respect to the man that influenced both of their careers so heavily.

Discretion: Satoshi Kon is flat out my favorite director amongst Miyazaki, Coppola and Anderson and i am in no way “hating” on Aronofsky (He’s a director that I heavily appreciate and RFAD is one of my favorite movies and Black Swan was the best thing I’ve seen all year) all i am saying it is in poor taste for Aronofsky and Nolan to discredit someone who has had such a strong effect on both of their careers.









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