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Even people who visited a ミラ・キュニス
fan page
are aware of Perfect Blue and Paprika.

From 引用:
Black Swan is a great subdued thriller from Aronofsky, one which he describes as a companion piece to his last movie, The Wrestler, and each could serve as two sides to the same coin. Besides that and the aforementioned comparison to Fight Club, I noticed some thematic similarities with Thirteen, specifically in Nina’s loss of control in her attempts to grow up, but most overwhelmingly this movie greatly reminded me of Perfect Blue, a film that Aronofsky is notably a fan of (he purchased remake rights to recreate on scene exactly in his movie Requiem for a Dream). Like Blue, Swan features a protagonist in the entertainment industry who follows her ambition with grave mental and emotional cost, and both movies play games with the viewer in their deliberate refusal to distinguish reality from fiction. The influence of Blue is felt in this film from start to finish, and with pleasingly excruciating outcomes.

You will like this movie if – You like movies that don’t make sense and are purposely understated AND you liked at least two of these movies: Fight Club, Thirteen, Perfect Blue, The Wrestler

Even the Black Swan Facebook page has a comment on the similarities between the two films.

Cinemasnob calls Swan "sort of like a live-action take on Perfect Blue" when he ranks it in his best of 2010 movies.
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