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At times, Darren Aronofsky appears to borrow from Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue. Both films have like elements and a desire for perfection, all done with a certain air. Even their protagonist are linked by name (Mima and Nina) and profession (pop star and ballerina).

'Nother interview with Darren:

LA DANSE was a big inspiration for us.

LA DANSE only?

this idea that you wake up one day, and someone is pushing out everything that makes you you, and I guess in this world of identity theft [laughs] people can relate to it somewhat,

Spoken from a true thief.

That was kind of what I took from Dostoyevsky's "The Double,"

Was there a stage-mom in the book and was the main character a female performer? I don't recall...

Capone: Perhaps more than any of your other films, critics seem to be stepping over themselves to compare BLACK SWAN to other films and other filmmakers, and I think that kind of short changes the work to be honest.

DA: Why do you think they are doing it?

You tell us, Darren...

Capone: Maybe when somebody sees something this wholly original, they want to make a connection to something familiar in the mind of the readers, just so they have some idea of what they're in for.

Except it's not original as even Darren is admitting being familiar with other works.

The most common comparisons have been with filmmakers like Cronenberg and Argento--

You forgot Satoshi Kon, you dick.

I mean it’s hard to say, because I think I’m the product of all of the movies and all of the music and all of the art I’ve seen over a lifetime, I think.

So does that mean you're also indirectly admitting being a product of Perfect Blue?

That’s where you get ideas from, just seeing other people’s work and then it goes into your brain and shuffles it up, and you put your own personality on it.

Or stealing Kon-san's personality and calling it your own.

Right now, independent film is really tough

So why aren't you currently acknowledging a certain independent filmmaker from Japan then, given your own experiences getting discovered?

From a talk-backer on the same link:

Parallels to Perfect Blue
Beautiful young woman becomes outshined by competition that may or may not be real, becomes obsessively jealous and violent, hallucinations take over the world of the film, drawing the audience into the protagonist's madness. The estate of Satoshi Kon, rest his soul, should be getting royalties.

Int'l. Swan Trailer.

From the Boston Herald:
Aronofsky owes a debt to Satoshi Kon's 1998 anime "Perfect Blue,"
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