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In Nihongo for your convenience, @tomomachi brings it up. Swan vs. Blue, I mean. Plus a summary in Japanese.

ほんではあなたの便宜のために、@ tomomachiが、それをもたらします。ブルー対スワン、私は意味します。日本語でプラス要約を表示します。

From Blooming Lotus:


PS : for the people who liked the film and are ready for more,
I can recommend ‘Perfect Blue’.
It’s not for the faint of heart, but this is a real masterpiece

It’s a japanese animated movie.

Aronofsky bought the rights of this japanese picture to remake a
scene in ‘Requiem for a dream’.

The main themes of ‘Perfect Blue’ are : double, confusion,
show business, overprotective/ambiguous characters,
madness (obviously), violence and rape (no doubt about it, this time).
Suprise, eh ?

I’m sure this movie was a great influence on ‘Black Swan’. We’ll see
if the movie critics are able to pick it up.

The movie was directed by Satoshi Kon, who died months ago.

One more thing, as many japanese production, ‘Perfect Blue’ begins
slowly, so bear with it. And don’t get confused by the introduction,
it’s definitively for mature audiences.

Oh, and Darren managed to also, like Nolan, pull Kurosawa out of his ass as an influence, but still omitted Kon.

From Slant Magazine:

(Like Christopher Nolan on Inception, he's another live action director overshadowed by animator Satoshi Kon (R.I.P., 1963-2010):In terms of vigorous mindfucking, Kon's Perfect Blue is to Requiem for a Dream what Paprika is to Inception).
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