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Finally found some excellent links again. From

Perfect Blue (Satoshi Kon) + Repulsion (Roman Polansky) =“Black Swan” - Darren Aronofsky - 2010


Another clear influence is Satoshi Kon's excellent anime Perfect Blue, for which Aronofsky already owns the rights, having replicated a scene for Requiem For A Dream shot for shot. There are many parallels between it and Black Swan, from the overbearing mother figure, to the idea of negative reflections and doppelgangers. It's interesting to note that originally Black Swan was going to set around a theatre production (which would have been more similar to Perfect Blue) rather than a ballet, indeed, it's only the ballet setting and the Swan Lake elements of the story that prevent Black Swan from being a near direct remake of Satoshi Kon's film, albeit on a much grander scale.

This time, someone mashed the Swan trailer with Millennium Actress, for some reason...

Really don't know how accurate this person is, but:

being an oscar voter, i certainly did not vote to any of the “live-action Satoshi Kon’s wannabes” for direction.
sadly, the other one got a nomination. Aronofsky, i’m looking at you!
why they don’t just remake Paprika( inception) and Perfect blue(black swan) instead?

Again, my issue is only with Darren now, not Chris. But I just found it surprising that an Oscar voter[Or someone who claims themselves as such.] would say that.

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