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By the way, that bath scene also features prominently in the Requiem trailer, which makes it obvious that it was a part of the marketing campaign. I'm not a lawyer, however a screen-writer just sued and won against Mel Gibson for under-stating the budget of the Passion, and thus depriving him of residuals. So maybe you should review your contract with Aronosfky with a lawyer? Because if you only did make $60,000 for the rights, while Swan's about to net at least $18 million soon, you obviously did not get a good deal here. Especially when you compare with the money Toei and Toho probably got for the Battle Royale and Ring remakes. And maybe you were even misled on how much of Perfect Blue Darren would remake, too, for all I know. So I think you should at least look into it.


Anyway, back to another comparison shot.

If you have time to pester Darren about PB, he'll be in NYC next month.

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