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The temptation to compare Black Swan to the Red Shoes is an obvious one, but I think Swan is more of a twin with the late Satoshi Kon’s ingenious animated giallo Perfect Blue. Like Perfect Blue, Black Swan is not just a film about backstage machinations in theater and art, but a film about identity and how the image of something we aspire to become can destroy us utterly. How being ‘the ideal’ can be a living nightmare, both in maintaining the illusion of that ideal and being put on that pedestal by others. It is about how being on this pedestal, being this ideal, isolates and destroys women and can erode away at their sense of reality and their connections to everything and everyone around them. Both Perfect Blue and Black Swan are unique in how they deal with this powerful commentary on objectification and identity. The biggest difference between them is that one is set in the cut-throat world of Ballet with Nina, and the other is set in the cut-throat world of Japanese Idol celebrity with Perfect Blue’s Mima.

Some Academy Award-nominated animator once attached to the live-action Akira just tweeted a few days ago "Black Swan=Perfect Blue".
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